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Organic bakery

Fadi Prestige was able to call on French excellence to establish a rich and tasty range of bakery and patisserie. Among these delights, we have products for every occasion and for all tastes with the love of the sweet smell of warm bread in common…


Trust chef Mickaël Chesnouard, the best craftsperson in France, by choosing our grain bread

The design of our bread is very traditional and full of history. Its wheat is ground in stone mills of the 19th century. The preparation of its flour is made in the only flour mill in the world to use a flint stone.

The recipe for our exceptional breads sublimates the dough with an old-fashioned leaven, hand-made, slow fermentation in banneton and a few secret tricks. This masterpiece of the bakery made the celebrity of its creator Mickaël Chesnouard. Trained with the best, Mickaël Chesnouard obtained a master’s degree from CIFAM after 6 years of assiduous training. Elected best worker of France at only 28 years old, he knew how to develop his natural talent by means of practice and improvement to offer gourmets new products. Today, it is his turn to train the best bakers of tomorrow as a training manager at Atelier m’alice. He has also distinguished himself by always choosing local and sustainable ingredients such as organic flour. His approach, both traditional and innovative, has made his creations famous. His taste for quality products and his environmental commitment makes him the best ambassador for our delicious bakery.

Fadi Prestige, always avant-garde and attentive to consumers, offers a range of bread rolls, croissants and bread with gluten-free chocolate based on rice flour and potato flour. We use natural ingredients from organic farming to guarantee the quality of our raw materials and products.


Our bakery also offers you the opportunity to make a real tour of the world of breads. From our Lebanese breads to our organic burger breads to our mini blinis, do not hesitate to travel through our products in the comfort of your home thanks to our fast and secure home delivery.

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Our chocolates come from organic and artisanal farming. They have powerful aromas and intense taste. They have all the characteristics of a great chocolate, supple and long on the palate. The traditional recipe, with pure cocoa butter and no lecithin, offers you all the power of chocolate combined with an exceptional fondant, for an unforgettable moment of tasting.


Sustainable production 

The production process is part of a sustainable development approach: the raw materials come from organic farming to packaging. The cardboard comes from sustainably managed forests (FSC and PEFC ) and the fresh bag made from plant material make this packaging compostable, thus respectful of our environment.

As an environmentally conscious chocolatier, we are constantly looking for the perfect chocolate to produce. The best quality is obtained thanks to the origin of the cocoa beans. We offer you a gourmet journey around the world to discover three varied terroirs with subtle flavors.

 Peru produces chocolates with delicate cocoa aromas and a fine bitterness.

The Dominican Republic produces chocolates with a powerful body and a tangy note of roasted cocoa evoking the heat of the earth.

The chocolates of Tanzania have a pleasant bitterness with a touch of acidity, a fruity aroma, supple to the taste of liquorice and red fruits.

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Organic truffles

Our truffle products, for a luxury meal!

 Truffles are an exceptional product, especially at Fadi Prestige! Our truffles are harvested in a protected and exceptional place; the Marches forest. Their harvest is done in the respect of the environment. These wild truffles do not contain pesticides, herbicides or chemicals. You can taste our black summer truffles on our tasty focaccia. If you like the products then our extra virgin olive oil Bio with white truffle of Alba will surely be right of the palate of your customers! Its aroma is 100% natural unlike most flavored oils that contain synthetic flavors. It can be easily used in salads, pasta, risotto or on our delicious Black Angus beef carpaccio. You will soon be unable to do without it!

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Wines and spirits

Our wines are light, fresh and fruity and to be enjoyed on every occasion with simplicity.

Les Bretèches Blanc is a fresh wine marked by Muscat à petits grains, a noble grape variety planted in the Bekaa region and offering a typical Lebanese terroir.

It has a delicate nose of white flowers subtly fruity and a mouth marked by the intense freshness of exotic flavors and citrus.

Full of freshness and lightness, the rosé wine Les Bretèches sports a clear pastel colour.

It offers a nose of red fruits and citrus, mingling in the mouth with delicacy.

The charm of the Cinsault from which it comes is embodied in the finesse of this pleasure rosé.

The Cinsault of Lebanon has been planted in the Bekaa for more than a century. Combined with other equally attractive grape varieties, it provides a taste experience typical of the Lebanese terroir.

A delicate nose of cherry, blackcurrant and subtly spicy, Les Bretèches mixes structure and roundness in the mouth, with silky tannins and pronounced notes of red fruits

Harvesting exclusively manual, with sorting by vine of the best grapes in over-ripeness.

Deep amber colour, clear and brilliant, with slightly copper reflections.

The first nose is fresh and of good intensity, subtly revealing notes of honey, rancid nuts, caramel, vanilla and leather. The second nose is more intense with toasted notes of hazelnut and cooked chocolate. The aromatic persistence is long.

Arak is a brandy obtained from two successive distillations of grapes.

The result of these distillations is mixed with Damascus green anise and distilled again once or twice to concentrate the aniseed aromas.

Traditionally enjoyed with the Mezzés, you can also serve Arak as an aperitif.

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